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Tips on Planning A Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are typically held three to six weeks before the wedding, but that has changed in recent years. Showers can be held closer or farther from the wedding, depending on what is convenient for the bride and hostess.

The purpose of showers has always been to help outfit the couple's new home, or assemble the bride's trousseau. As tradition has it, a close friend, the maid of honor, a relative or a bridesmaid may give the bride a shower, but nowadays, anyone who wants to host a shower can (even if they are in the wedding party).

Generally the hostess and the bride get together to discuss what type of shower the bride-to be would prefer. Themed showers are practical and very popular. The possibilities are a couple's cocktail party, a midday luncheon or a shower with a specific theme such as lingerie, linen or kitchen items. A theme is especially nice when there is to be more than one shower, which can in turn minimize the amount of duplicate gifts received.

Lingerie or Personal Showers: Gifts can include all the beautiful things most people don't buy for themselves. They help prepare for the honeymoon. Gifts may include lacy nightgowns, camisoles, sexy underwear, bras, or a nice robe. Other items may be perfume or bath accessories.

Linen Showers: These showers are always useful. You may want to let everyone know your color scheme. It can be helpful to register in a department store for items such as monogrammed towels, a scale, bathroom sets, sheets, pillows or a blanket.

Kitchen Showers: This is a great shower, especially if it's co-ed. Browse through any kitchen store or department store again; it would be helpful if you were to register for items you need. One fun idea is to have each guest bring a favorite recipe along with one item needed for its preparation.

When choosing a shower invitation, be sure to choose something that is uniquely you! Some brides choose to have sophisticated brunch with girlfriends and family members while others choose to have a wild night on the town. Whatever type of shower you choose; you want your invitations to match. There is usually an RSVP request on the invitation, and guests should make sure that they do indeed let the hostess know if they're able to attend.

Here are some ways to make your invitations memorable!

- Address the invitations using silver and gold metallic pens.

- Add a pinch of festive or personalized confetti just before
sealing the envelope.

- Use an envelope seal or colored envelopes to create
excitement when your invitation arrives in the mail.

Not everyone who is invited to the wedding needs to be invited to the shower. Guests are usually close friends or relatives, or perhaps you may have one shower with each group. Avoid any hurt feelings by only inviting people to the shower who are invited to the reception, unless the wedding is taking place out of town, or only for close family members. With all the excitement and passing of gifts, it's easy to misplace the cards. Have someone write down what the gift was and who it was given by, as soon as it's opened.

Make sure to show your appreciation by sending a thank-you note within 1- 2 weeks after the shower.

Keeping it Simple!

1. Try to have your hostess share the responsibilities and expense

2. Discuss what type of shower you would prefer.

3. Choose a date, time and place for the shower.

4. Choose an Invitation and Thank You Card.

5. Include the registry locations with each invitation.

6. Sent out invitations three to four weeks before the shower.

7. With the people who are helping you, plan games, prizes, food, drink, favors and decorations.

8. Prepare as much as you can ahead of time, so you are free to enjoy the shower.

9. Have someone designated to record the gifts and gift givers as you open your gifts.

10. Have Fun!


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